N.Y. Strip Ravioli Crowns

N.Y. Strip Ravioli Crowns | I swear I was born from another mother…an Italian one. Making ravioli is one of my favorite things to do, not only because it’s so stinkin’ good, but because it is the most rewarding. Fresh pasta made with love just tastes better. And if you take it the extra step and stuff it with creamy, meaty goodness, well then you’re just showing off…


Baked Bean Pasta Dough

Baked Bean Pasta DoughWant to make your own pasta? Well guess what? Here is a recipe that will put you leaps and bounds ahead of all the pasta peeps out there. It’s rich, unique, flavorful and down right delicious.

As a kid growing up in Boston, all I used to eat was baked beans. Now we’ve combined that with pasta to create something you won’t see anywhere else. So get moving and make this before everyone finds out! 


Duck-Confit Tortellini Planets in a Black Truffle Galaxy

Duck-Confit Tortellini Planets in a Black Truffle Galaxy | Yea, I’m not even sure how to describe this. I’ll leave it up to the last group of friends I made this for – I quote, “it’s the best pasta I’ve ever had. Who are you?” or “my husband has been making pasta for years…I married the wrong person.”


Clams Carbonara

Clams Carbonara | We love us some good pasta and carbonara is one of our favorites. You don’t usually see it with shellfish, but that didn’t stop us! Here we combine fresh littleneck clams and salty bacon and top it all off with creamy, rich eggs yolks. It’s a showstopper. Clams Carbonara   Print Prep…


Murica’s Short Lasagna

This is my “Murica’s” Lasagna, America’s favorite lasagna recipe in the South, and we call it “short” because it only has two layers. It starts with tender bison and a creamy Boursin cheese spread, then covered in gooey muenster and mozzarella, with spicy sausage, imported San Marzano tomatoes and fresh herbs picked straight from the garden.

I agreed to a lasagna cook-off once and made this. Let’s just say the challenger doesn’t make lasagna anymore.

After I had this, I won’t eat it any other way for the rest of my life.


Purple Pasta Pappardelle in Golden Cream

In the spirit of halloween, we went all out and decided to scare the crap out of myself for dinner…in the form of purple pasta. So not so scary actually, especially when it tastes so damn good. We took our traditional pasta dough recipe, spiked it up with some blood purple beat juice and made a killer sauce with some ghoulish themed ingredients. Honestly though, I love this recipe…I definitely won’t be able to wait until next halloween to make it again. So if you see I guy walking on the sidewalk slurping down purple pasta, don’t make fun of me.