Southern Sockeye

Southern Sockeye | Let me tell you a story. There was once a beautiful sockeye salmon – bright red and delicious. She got all dolled up in a honey, dijon & chipotle glaze then went to a party where she met an adobo crema, mango salsa, roasted corn sauce and a Mexican wild rice. You wanna know where that party was? Bruin’s kitchen.

Now let’s get into the juicy details…


Grouper Butter + Collard Fried Rice

Grouper Butter + Collard Fried Rice | Don’t google Grouper. The fish might scare you. But it will make your tummy happy, we can guarantee that! It has easily become our favorite fish over the last few years – it’s light yet meaty, easy to cook, and adapts to a ton of different flavors. It’s so good. So what did we do with it? That my friend is for you to find out…


Chipotle Ribeye Surf & Turf

Chipotle Ribeye Surf & Turf | You want the best surf & turf this side of the Mississippi? Well you found it! This is the Forrest Gump of surf and turf recipes (I don’t know what that means, but it sounds cool). This will be one of your favorites. This will be the recipe you print out and stick under your pillow. The recipe that you contact us to delete off the internet so you can have it all to yourself. So get your butt up and make this steak before Lieutenant Dan leaves the dock!  


Cedar Plank Salmon + Honey Plums

Cedar Plank Salmon + Honey Plums | I’m pretty sure if Salmon was the Bachelorette, it would pick the Cedar Plank. They were meant to be together. Those Native Americans knew what they were doing (they started the whole plank trend). So we listened to our Pocahontas friends and got our PLANK ON to make one of our very best salmon showcases. Join us for this one. It’s grizzly bear approved!


Smothered Scallops in Tomatillo Gravy

Smothered Scallops in Tomatillo Gravy | In this recipe, we brush our scallops in mayo to get a perfect sear before we rest them on a bed of soft pickled polenta. We then smother the whole dish with a creamy tomatillo gravy and finish it with a homemade guajillo sauce infused with roasted peanuts. Sounds…


Bacon Wrapped Shrimp + Rooster Sauce

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp + Rooster Sauce | We don’t make much shrimp, but when we do, we wrap it in bacon. Broil it. And turn it into its own currency. We then serve our bacon-wrapped shrimp with a sweet and spicy rooster sauce and cool it all down with fresh avocado. Simple and spectacular. This…


Crab Claw Tomato Bisque

Crab Claw Tomato Bisque | Soup sounds boring. Heck, tomato bisque especially does. But put crab on top of it? Well, then the game changes. Big time. And if you make bisque like this, with layers of flavors and a little crunchy crouton, then you’ll be dancing the bisque dance for years to come.

Don’t miss the dance. Try this recipe as soon as you get your claws on it.


Jerk Salmon

Jerk Salmon | I used to love that movie Cool Runnings when I was a kid – that feel good story of those Jamaican bobsledders (coached by John Candy) that defied all odds and finally earned the respect they deserved out there on that ice!!! Ok, I’m not sure why I’m so passionate about that movie, I guess I must have some giant soft spot for Jamaicans maaaan. So if that bobsled ever crashed into my kitchen, I’d make them this salmon dish. It’s a loveable winner too.


Bacon Turbot + Beet Aioli

Bacon Turbot + Beet Aioli | What is flat and has two eyes on the left side of its head? I’ll give you a hint – it begins with a “T”. If you’re a genius then you may have guessed it. That’s right, it’s a Turbot! An ugly, shallow water fish that won the Most Likely to Never Kiss a Girl award in high school. But like most high school blossoming buds, this little fishy got its revenge later in life by offering the world something brilliant. In this case – flavor. Make a turbot and you’ll never make fun of it again.


Crab Remoulade Ricotta Flatbread

Crab Remoulade Ricotta Flatbread | Two things we love most – sumac and sriracha. So what did we do with them? Well that’s obvious. We threw them in a pizza dough of course! That’s right. But we didn’t make a pizza at all, we made a flatbread instead, topped with some of the best ingredients money can buy…

In this recipe, we throw together a homemade dough, let it cure overnight, until it’s packed with flavor. Then we roll it out, top it with ricotta, broccolini and, best of all, jumbo crab coated in a spiced remoulade sauce. Crispy, meaty, lemony…this one rounds all the flavor bases.


Lobster Fried Brie

Lobster Fried Brie | Fried brie cheese over lobster…and then there’s a habanero peach jelly. Do I need to say more? This one is so good, I have to stop typing or else I’m going to bed hungry. Enjoy this one.


Scallop Wellingtons

Scallop Wellingtons | Who doesn’t love a good scallop? We know we do. Heck, we eat them by the boat load. But sometimes just searing them bores the taste buds, so we wanted to prepare scallops in a whole new way. A way in which you’ve never seen before – in a wellington.

Move over Gordon Ramsey.