Peanut Powder Flank + Gastrique

Peanut Powder Flank + Gastrique | I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Throughout my life, I would just watch my girlfriends take on dessert alone during our dinner dates. It was pretty boring. I was, and still am, much more of a meat & savory guy. But I get it. Even I, after binge watching Bachelor in Paradise, feel like a spoonful of sorrow. So this recipe is my compromise – the point where I feel like strolling down sugar lane while seeing what meat-head Chad is up to.


Jalapeno Cheese Fish & Chips

Jalapeno Cheese Fish & Chips | You know when you make something and you just want to pat yourself on the back? Like, hell ya man, good job. Well in my case, with this recipe, I didn’t pat myself on the back. I started to cry. Laugh and cry. This fried fish is so silly good,…


Southern Sockeye

Southern Sockeye | Let me tell you a story. There was once a beautiful sockeye salmon – bright red and delicious. She got all dolled up in a honey, dijon & chipotle glaze then went to a party where she met an adobo crema, mango salsa, roasted corn sauce and a Mexican wild rice. You wanna know where that party was? Bruin’s kitchen.

Now let’s get into the juicy details…


Crispy Roquefort Mac & Cheese

Crispy Roquefort Mac & Cheese | Want to know what makes the 4th of July even better? Believe it or not, besides overly-patriotic Toby Keith songs and chest bumping a beer-toting stranger, there is a way. And it comes in the form of elbow macaroni and cheese.

Keeping with the Independence spirit, we decided to once again accept a helping hand from the French (they actually bailed us out during the revolution), and smother our noodles in their Roquefort blue cheese before we tossed it all with good ole’ US of A crispy chicken thighs.

This is a special one. Perfect for the family. Perfect for celebrating America (and your chocolate labrador).


Guajillo Peanut Sauce

Guajillo Peanut Sauce | One day Bruin was feeling REALLY creative. He wanted to make something special. After all, he wanted us to live up to our slogan – “Raw Creativity from the Chocolate Lab”. So he climbed up onto the shelves, pulled down some peanuts, dried peppers and spices, and made a masterpiece. The Mona Lisa of sauces that is smart, sapid and stupid good.


Surf and Turf Ravioli

Surf and Turf Ravioli | When you think surf & turf, what comes to mind? I bet it’s some combination of steak and shrimp…or lobster. That’s great and all but let’s shake the tree a bit and see what twist we can conjure up. How about a recipe that’s more aligned with our pocket books and introduces everyone’s favorite ingredient – pasta. Or better yet, stuffed raviolis. This is one you won’t forget.  


Rutabaga Tarragon Puree

Rutabaga Tarragon Puree | If chefs were vigilante superheroes and dishes were our weapons, well then, I’d be slinging purees out of my sleeves to eliminate culinary crime. It is definitely my weapon of choice because it’s what we do! If you’re a reader of this blog then you already know that, but we keep pushing the limits, tweaking technique and ingredients, until our weapon is the sharpest it can possibly be. And let us just tell ya, this puree recipe could cut through diamonds…so watch out future Diamond villain. I’m coming for you.


Crab Claw Tomato Bisque

Crab Claw Tomato Bisque | Soup sounds boring. Heck, tomato bisque especially does. But put crab on top of it? Well, then the game changes. Big time. And if you make bisque like this, with layers of flavors and a little crunchy crouton, then you’ll be dancing the bisque dance for years to come.

Don’t miss the dance. Try this recipe as soon as you get your claws on it.


Burrata Crostini Bash

Burrata Crostini Bash | Need a killer appetizer recipe? We got you covered. Like, more than covered. Think of this recipe as like the down comforter of recipes. You’ll be floating on a cloud and sleeping like a baby knowing you have this one up your sleeve. All it takes is a little cream-stuffed mozzarella, toasted bread and some sweet vinegar, and you’ve hit the jackpot my friend.

It’s time to cash in your ticket.


Marry Me Short Rib Tacos

Marry Me Short Rib Tacos | Let me just begin by saying that not many things put a smile on my face more than these tacos do. But it’s not just me, they put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. That’s why we call these “marry me” tacos, because every time we make them, we get marriage proposals. Not kidding. They are the most requested thing we make and our go-to game day recipe. So if you are hosting a super bowl party this year, make these, and you’ll be throwing parties for many more Roman numerals to come.


Broiler Ribeye + Sweet Garlic Spread

Broiler Ribeye + Sweet Garlic Spread | What amazing kitchen tool does almost every home cook have but never use? Their oven broiler. Too many home cooks are frankly terrified of it and think their house will burst into a flame ball by simply turning it on. The truth is there is a reason all your favorite steakhouses cook steak under a broiler, and if you just follow the correct steps you can cook the perfect steak at home too.