Cowboy Ribeye Love

Cowboy Ribeye Love

Cowboy Ribeye Love | I kissed Kristy over a pile of Legos. We were 9. It was one of the greatest days of my life. But what the heck does that have anything to do with a food blog post on a Thursday night? Two decades later? Well let me tell ya. Kristy loved steak. For some weird reason, I’ve always remembered that about her. She always loved steak during our summers in Cape Cod.

This one’s for you my Lego lover.

The Portuguese Pork Alentejana |

The Portuguese Pork Alentejana

The Portuguese Pork Alentejana | There was once a young boy who was 25% Portuguese. His great grandmother came from Brazil and his grandfather was even born on the Portuguese island of Madeira. This boy grew up and convinced himself he was more Portuguese than he actually was, and thought it would be a good idea to move to Portugal to work in a restaurant. That fake Portuguese man, later moved back to the states, feeling even more unjustifiably Portuguese from his time there, and is now typing this very sentence that you’re reading. And then he made this authentic dish from his wannabe homeland, so it better be authentic or at least 25% authentic…

Scallop Wellingtons |

Scallop Wellingtons

Scallop Wellingtons | Who doesn’t love a good scallop? We know we do. Heck, we eat them by the boat load. But sometimes just searing them bores the taste buds, so we wanted to prepare scallops in a whole new way. A way in which you’ve never seen before – in a wellington.

Move over Gordon Ramsey.

Yellow Goat Spaghetti

Yellow Goat Spaghetti

Yellow Goat Spaghetti | I’m so excited to share this recipe with you. Seriously. I can’t type this fast enough. This one has quickly risen in the pasta charts and is about to rake in 50 grammys for delicious jams. It’s like the Bieber of noodles. The Jay-Z of spaghetti. The Adele of macaroni. Ok, enough joking, just read on and enjoy…

Lover's Lamb |

Lover’s Lamb

Lover’s Lamb | We love buying lamb loin chops. They’re like mini porterhouses – with a little piece of tenderloin on one side and strip on the other. It’s a super cool little appetizer riff on a steak and something we absolutely love adding to our menus. The trick is to sear them fast, give them a quick braise, and then surround them with loving condiments. And guess what? We do that here. There’s a lot of lovin’ going on in this one. Get ready…

Turbot Lox with Dill Hollandaise

Turbot Lox with Dill Hollandaise

Turbot Lox with Dill Hollandaise | If you ever find yourself in a fancy European restaurant, you might just stumble upon one of the jewels of the northern Atlantic – the Turbot. This flat fish has a beautiful white color, sears brilliantly, and has a sweet delicate flavor. So what did we do with it? We made breakfast. Yea, you read that right. This is our spin on Lox, which is usually brined salmon on a bagel with some cream cheese and dill. We kept the core ingredient team intact but replaced the captain with Turbot and rested it all on a raft of prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. But that’s not all…

Fried Pickles in Madeira Buttermilk |

Fried Pickles in Madeira Buttermilk

Fried Pickles in Madeira Buttermilk | Who doesn’t love pickles? Or in this case…the little French version, the cornichon. You usually see these guys alongside cured meats or in steak tartare (that’s a cool word) to add a little tang. But I bet you can’t find a recipe where you fry them. Oh, wait. Now you have!

Indulge in this fancy version of fried pickles. They’re a showstopper. 

ATX Street Corn |

ATX Street Corn

ATX Street Corn | What up Iowa?! At the time of this writing, the Iowa caucuses just wrapped up, so I would be remiss not to mention our friends in the heartland when we start talking about the humble corn cob – we get most our corn from there. But let’s move on and jump back down to Texas. We love our corn here too and you’ll often see Mexican influences creeping their way into many of our dishes. And this recipe is one of those where we happily welcome our amigos’ favorite ingredients and flavors. This is our riff on Mexican street corn.

Steak Derek |

Steak Derek

Steak Derek | People often ask me, “So Derek, what would you cook for yourself if you could make absolutely anything?” The answer: this recipe. Divulging the secrets to our favorite dish is not something we take lightly, but since it’s the season of sharing (wait, it’s only February), we thought there was no time like the present. So please enjoy this super early Christmas gift.  

Orange Butter Salmon

Orange Butter Salmon

Orange Butter Salmon | We cook a lot of salmon for a reason. Because it’s delicious! But too often you’ll see recipe after recipe treating this little fishy the same way over and over – a little lemon, some herbs – but if you read this blog you know that’s not our style. Not our style at all. We swim this salmon upstream, over the waterfall, and into its own infinity pool to make the celebrity of salmon dishes.