Filet Whitney

Filet Whitney

Filet Whitney | I have a friend and her name is Whitney. She’s a girl. She likes steak so we went all out in honor of her obsession (of steak, not me) and put together a dish that you should make for your next date night. It’s the Beyonce of filet mignon. That’s all that needs to be said…

T-Bone Pork in Portobello Gravy |

T-Bone Pork in Portobello Gravy

T-Bone Pork in Portobello Gravy | Who doesn’t love themselves some pork?! There’s a reason why most hardcore chefs have the stinkin’ animal tattooed somewhere on their body. The pig may be ugly on the outside, but it tastes darn good on the inside. Now if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know our favorite cut has always been the tenderloin. The only problem with it though is that it can easily dry out on you when it hits the heat. So how do we solve this problem? Two ways actually. First we brine it to lock in all the moisture we can get. And second, is to leave the bone on, so we don’t leave our tenderloin to fend for itself. Oh yea, and it doesn’t hurt that we smother it in a cream, portobello gravy either.

Sausage + Peppers + Pickled Onions |

Sausage + Peppers + Pickled Onions

Sausage + Peppers + Pickled Onions | When I was in high school, my best friend’s name was Joe. Joe had an Italian mom. A mom who was a damn good cook and who, quite frankly, introduced me to this classic – sausage & peppers. Joe’s mom made a killer sandwich, but we decided to turn these same ingredients into one dynamite appetizer that will make you the king of Little Italy…

Champagne Chicken Teriyaki |

Champagne Chicken Teriyaki

Champagne Chicken Teriyaki | Oh, the infamous Teriyaki (or how we say it, TERIAHHHKEEEE, as we karate chop the air). A staple in the Asian food courts. It needs no introduction. We’ve all met it. But surprisingly not many people know what’s in it. Are you ready for the super complex formula? Soy sauce + booze + sugar. Tough right? Sake usually fills the booze role, but since we don’t want you getting bombed and Ubering it to your kid’s soccer game, we replaced it with mirin, a gentler cooking wine…wait a minute, I take that back. We also add champagne and marsala, so I guess get Uber on speed dial after all. Heck while we’re at it, why not throw in our other favorite ingredients from the East side – gochujang and hoisin. This is the Panda Express to flavor city.

Crispy Chicken Marsala + Creamed Spinach |

Crispy Chicken Marsala + Creamed Spinach

Crispy Chicken Marsala + Creamed Spinach | Practically all the chicken marsala recipes you’ll find will tell you to flour skinless chicken breasts and smother them in a cream sauce. So guess what? We don’t do that. There is more flavor to be found elsewhere on our friend the chicken – particularly the thigh. The best part is, if you leave the skin on there is no need for any extra flour to help you get it crispy. And when it comes to the cream, rather than drowning our bird in it, we compliment the dish with a side of creamed spinach. This is a tasty twist on a classic…that you never know, might just become the new norm for chicken marsala.

Veal Osso Buco Caprese |

Veal Osso Buco Caprese

This is our Mario Kart dish. It reminds us of one of the most difficult choices we’ve ever had to make – when we were sitting in front of that screen where we choose our characters, but we just couldn’t decide. It’s such a tough choice. We love Mario of course, but Luigi is green,…

Cowboy Ribeye Love

Cowboy Ribeye Love

Cowboy Ribeye Love | I kissed Kristy over a pile of Legos. We were 9. It was one of the greatest days of my life. But what the heck does that have anything to do with a food blog post on a Thursday night? Two decades later? Well let me tell ya. Kristy loved steak. For some weird reason, I’ve always remembered that about her. She always loved steak during our summers in Cape Cod.

This one’s for you my Lego lover.

The Portuguese Pork Alentejana |

The Portuguese Pork Alentejana

The Portuguese Pork Alentejana | There was once a young boy who was 25% Portuguese. His great grandmother came from Brazil and his grandfather was even born on the Portuguese island of Madeira. This boy grew up and convinced himself he was more Portuguese than he actually was, and thought it would be a good idea to move to Portugal to work in a restaurant. That fake Portuguese man, later moved back to the states, feeling even more unjustifiably Portuguese from his time there, and is now typing this very sentence that you’re reading. And then he made this authentic dish from his wannabe homeland, so it better be authentic or at least 25% authentic…

Demi-Glace Chicken Scallopine with Olive Polenta |

Demi-Glace Chicken Scallopine with Olive Polenta

Demi-Glace Chicken Scallopine with Olive Polenta | Hailing from the Italian countryside comes the Scallopine! A breaded chicken (or veal) dish that is pan seared to golden brown and usually served with a tomato or wine sauce. But those sauces are too boring for us.  It’s like taking a bus to prom when you could take a limo. We like limos so we made a spiffy demi-glace sauce instead, that takes this chicken from 0 to 60 in no time…

Lover's Lamb |

Lover’s Lamb

Lover’s Lamb | We love buying lamb loin chops. They’re like mini porterhouses – with a little piece of tenderloin on one side and strip on the other. It’s a super cool little appetizer riff on a steak and something we absolutely love adding to our menus. The trick is to sear them fast, give them a quick braise, and then surround them with loving condiments. And guess what? We do that here. There’s a lot of lovin’ going on in this one. Get ready…