Lover's Lamb |

Lover’s Lamb

Lover’s Lamb | We love buying lamb loin chops. They’re like mini porterhouses – with a little piece of tenderloin on one side and strip on the other. It’s a super cool little appetizer riff on a steak and something we absolutely love adding to our menus. The trick is to sear them fast, give them a quick braise, and then surround them with loving condiments. And guess what? We do that here. There’s a lot of lovin’ going on in this one. Get ready…

Braised Marsala Lamb + Goat Crostini |

Braised Marsala Lamb + Goat Crostini

Braised Marsala Lamb + Goat Crostini | Alright people, it’s time to get your Lamb Shank on! They are phenomenal. Just because they aren’t cooked with that often, doesn’t mean you need to worry about them tasting gamey or having some distinct flavor. They are mildly delicious and simple to cook. Oh, did I mention they were cheap too? So to get your lamb running out of the gate, we offer you this all-star recipe that will make you a lamb fan for life.

Lamb Chop Chop

Lamb Chop Chop

Lamb Chop Chop | Why do so many people shy away from lamb? If you just give it enough flavor and respect, you’ll be rewarded with a melt in your mouth piece of meat that is so unique, you’d think it’s been extinct for the past millennium. So don’t be shy. In this dish, we spice…