Kindergarten Cop Panini |

Kindergarten Cop Panini

Kindergarten Cop Panini | This is a dish for the kiddos. It’s a simple grilled sandwich, with a touch of sweetness and mixed with a smudge of technique. If you’ve ever wanted to look across the table to see little smiling faces gobbling up crispy bread and perfectly melted cheese, then you’re in the right place…

Crab Claw Tomato Bisque

Crab Claw Tomato Bisque

Crab Claw Tomato Bisque | Soup sounds boring. Heck, tomato bisque especially does. But put crab on top of it? Well, then the game changes. Big time. And if you make bisque like this, with layers of flavors and a little crunchy crouton, then you’ll be dancing the bisque dance for years to come.

Don’t miss the dance. Try this recipe as soon as you get your claws on it.

Tuna Melt Quesadillas

Tuna Melt Quesadillas

Tuna Melt Quesadillas | This is going to sound weird.

Tuna fish reminds me of my mom.

It was the one thing she loved, pretty much because it was the only thing she cooked/mixed together in a bowl (I mean, the day that woman calls herself a cook, is the day I call myself a Transformer). So consequently I ate it by the buckets as a kid and naturally grew to become a tuna connoisseur. I even had a tuna t-shirt and a tuna lunch box that housed my tuna sandwich. I also learned at a young age, while eating that sandwich on the playground, that A LOT of people aren’t as big of fans as we are. We get it. Buying fish in a can be a hurdle, but these days with all the advancements in canning, premium tuna is widely available. There are no excuses anymore. Get yourself a tuna t-shirt.

Alien Toast |

Alien Toast

Alien Toast | The culinary scene is being invaded! By toast. That’s right. Toast is all the rage recently and I am still scratching my head as to why. But you know what? We gave it some thought and toast might have a point. Its simplicity and versatility are what makes it so delicious. It can be soft or crunchy. Cold or hot. Plain or smothered. And guess which direction we took our toast? The latter… 

Burrata Crostini Bash

Burrata Crostini Bash

Burrata Crostini Bash | Need a killer appetizer recipe? We got you covered. Like, more than covered. Think of this recipe as like the down comforter of recipes. You’ll be floating on a cloud and sleeping like a baby knowing you have this one up your sleeve. All it takes is a little cream-stuffed mozzarella, toasted bread and some sweet vinegar, and you’ve hit the jackpot my friend.

It’s time to cash in your ticket.

Fried Pickles in Madeira Buttermilk |

Fried Pickles in Madeira Buttermilk

Fried Pickles in Madeira Buttermilk | Who doesn’t love pickles? Or in this case…the little French version, the cornichon. You usually see these guys alongside cured meats or in steak tartare (that’s a cool word) to add a little tang. But I bet you can’t find a recipe where you fry them. Oh, wait. Now you have!

Indulge in this fancy version of fried pickles. They’re a showstopper. 

ATX Street Corn |

ATX Street Corn

ATX Street Corn | What up Iowa?! At the time of this writing, the Iowa caucuses just wrapped up, so I would be remiss not to mention our friends in the heartland when we start talking about the humble corn cob – we get most our corn from there. But let’s move on and jump back down to Texas. We love our corn here too and you’ll often see Mexican influences creeping their way into many of our dishes. And this recipe is one of those where we happily welcome our amigos’ favorite ingredients and flavors. This is our riff on Mexican street corn.

Double Blue Arugula Salad |

Double Blue Arugula Salad

Double Blue Arugula Salad | Why do we call this double blue? Because we double up on blueberries and blue cheese – another killer flavor combo. For this salad, we use peppery arugula to balance out the sweetness, and give the taste buds another boost with spicy pickled peaches and a simple dijon dressing. But…