Crab Remoulade Ricotta Flatbread

Crab Remoulade Ricotta Flatbread

Crab Remoulade Ricotta Flatbread | Two things we love most – sumac and sriracha. So what did we do with them? Well that’s obvious. We threw them in a pizza dough of course! That’s right. But we didn’t make a pizza at all, we made a flatbread instead, topped with some of the best ingredients money can buy…

In this recipe, we throw together a homemade dough, let it cure overnight, until it’s packed with flavor. Then we roll it out, top it with ricotta, broccolini and, best of all, jumbo crab coated in a spiced remoulade sauce. Crispy, meaty, lemony…this one rounds all the flavor bases.

Veal Osso Buco Caprese |

Veal Osso Buco Caprese

This is our Mario Kart dish. It reminds us of one of the most difficult choices we’ve ever had to make – when we were sitting in front of that screen where we choose our characters, but we just couldn’t decide. It’s such a tough choice. We love Mario of course, but Luigi is green,…

Cowboy Ribeye Love

Cowboy Ribeye Love

Cowboy Ribeye Love | I kissed Kristy over a pile of Legos. We were 9. It was one of the greatest days of my life. But what the heck does that have anything to do with a food blog post on a Thursday night? Two decades later? Well let me tell ya. Kristy loved steak. For some weird reason, I’ve always remembered that about her. She always loved steak during our summers in Cape Cod.

This one’s for you my Lego lover.

Simple Curry Lo Mein

Simple Curry Lo Mein

Simple Curry Lo Mein | I don’t think we’ve ever ordered Chinese food without uttering the words Lo Mein (it’s kinda a staple if you know what I mean). And the funny thing is, even after all those times slurping down those noodles, we realized we’ve never even tried to make it ourselves! But oh how times have changed. Read on for a simple, satisfying noodle party-in-your-mouth.

You won’t be ordering out again anytime soon.

Pub Sauce |

Pub Sauce

Pub Sauce | We are all about concentrating flavor. We don’t mean flavor that tries really hard to pay attention. We mean flavor that is packed with layer upon layer of seasonings that come together to form something pungent and magical. We use sauces as our main vessel for flavor concentration, reducing them slowly to compact their flavor, then adding them in various recipe elements. If we won an Oscar for cooking, we would thank these sauces first in our acceptance speech – they are the secret to our success. And this sauce recipe just might be the biggest secret of all…

The Portuguese Pork Alentejana |

The Portuguese Pork Alentejana

The Portuguese Pork Alentejana | There was once a young boy who was 25% Portuguese. His great grandmother came from Brazil and his grandfather was even born on the Portuguese island of Madeira. This boy grew up and convinced himself he was more Portuguese than he actually was, and thought it would be a good idea to move to Portugal to work in a restaurant. That fake Portuguese man, later moved back to the states, feeling even more unjustifiably Portuguese from his time there, and is now typing this very sentence that you’re reading. And then he made this authentic dish from his wannabe homeland, so it better be authentic or at least 25% authentic…

Scallop Wellingtons |

Scallop Wellingtons

Scallop Wellingtons | Who doesn’t love a good scallop? We know we do. Heck, we eat them by the boat load. But sometimes just searing them bores the taste buds, so we wanted to prepare scallops in a whole new way. A way in which you’ve never seen before – in a wellington.

Move over Gordon Ramsey.

Demi-Glace Chicken Scallopine with Olive Polenta |

Demi-Glace Chicken Scallopine with Olive Polenta

Demi-Glace Chicken Scallopine with Olive Polenta | Hailing from the Italian countryside comes the Scallopine! A breaded chicken (or veal) dish that is pan seared to golden brown and usually served with a tomato or wine sauce. But those sauces are too boring for us.  It’s like taking a bus to prom when you could take a limo. We like limos so we made a spiffy demi-glace sauce instead, that takes this chicken from 0 to 60 in no time…

Alien Toast |

Alien Toast

Alien Toast | The culinary scene is being invaded! By toast. That’s right. Toast is all the rage recently and I am still scratching my head as to why. But you know what? We gave it some thought and toast might have a point. Its simplicity and versatility are what makes it so delicious. It can be soft or crunchy. Cold or hot. Plain or smothered. And guess which direction we took our toast? The latter…