Tuna Melt Quesadillas

Tuna Melt Quesadillas

Tuna Melt Quesadillas | This is going to sound weird.

Tuna fish reminds me of my mom.

It was the one thing she loved, pretty much because it was the only thing she cooked/mixed together in a bowl (I mean, the day that woman calls herself a cook, is the day I call myself a Transformer). So consequently I ate it by the buckets as a kid and naturally grew to become a tuna connoisseur. I even had a tuna t-shirt and a tuna lunch box that housed my tuna sandwich. I also learned at a young age, while eating that sandwich on the playground, that A LOT of people aren’t as big of fans as we are. We get it. Buying fish in a can be a hurdle, but these days with all the advancements in canning, premium tuna is widely available. There are no excuses anymore. Get yourself a tuna t-shirt.

Sriracha Lobster Mac & Cheese | http://mytartare.com/sriracha-lobster-mac-cheese/

Sriracha Lobster Mac & Cheese

Sriracha Lobster Mac & Cheese | We hope you’re sitting down. You’re about to be blown away by a comfort food hurricane. There are few things richer, sweeter or more fancy than this lobster macaroni and cheese. Four cheeses. Check. Fresh lobster tails. Check. Homemade clam broth. Check. Buttered breadcrumbs. Check. You get the picture. This IS the perfect storm.

Tomatillo Ranch

Tomatillo Ranch

Tomatillo Ranch | Do you know which salad dressing is in 47% of American refrigerators? It rhymes with blanch. You guessed it, Ranch dressing it is! Sadly, this liquid gold is actually symbolic of our American laziness since everyone eats it, yet no one has a clue how to make it. Well that stops today. It’s time we kick the tires and light the fires, and make our own killer dressing. Say goodbye to store-bought.

Sausage + Peppers + Pickled Onions | http://mytartare.com/sausage-peppers-pickled-onions/

Sausage + Peppers + Pickled Onions

Sausage + Peppers + Pickled Onions | When I was in high school, my best friend’s name was Joe. Joe had an Italian mom. A mom who was a damn good cook and who, quite frankly, introduced me to this classic – sausage & peppers. Joe’s mom made a killer sandwich, but we decided to turn these same ingredients into one dynamite appetizer that will make you the king of Little Italy…

Champagne Chicken Teriyaki | http://mytartare.com/champagne-chicken-teriyaki/

Champagne Chicken Teriyaki

Champagne Chicken Teriyaki | Oh, the infamous Teriyaki (or how we say it, TERIAHHHKEEEE, as we karate chop the air). A staple in the Asian food courts. It needs no introduction. We’ve all met it. But surprisingly not many people know what’s in it. Are you ready for the super complex formula? Soy sauce + booze + sugar. Tough right? Sake usually fills the booze role, but since we don’t want you getting bombed and Ubering it to your kid’s soccer game, we replaced it with mirin, a gentler cooking wine…wait a minute, I take that back. We also add champagne and marsala, so I guess get Uber on speed dial after all. Heck while we’re at it, why not throw in our other favorite ingredients from the East side – gochujang and hoisin. This is the Panda Express to flavor city.

Cheesy Potato Hash | http://mytartare.com/cheesy-potato-hash/

Cheesy Potato Hash

Cheesy Potato Hash | Finally Bobby Flay got to me. After all those darn brunch shows where he makes some ridiculous potato concoction, I’ve caved. Or more accurately, I’ve hashed. I just couldn’t take anymore tummy rumbling watching that man crisp up potatoes in a screaming cast-iron, then suffocating it in melted cheese. I had to put my spin on it. And here she is…

Jerk Salmon

Jerk Salmon

Jerk Salmon | I used to love that movie Cool Runnings when I was a kid – that feel good story of those Jamaican bobsledders (coached by John Candy) that defied all odds and finally earned the respect they deserved out there on that ice!!! Ok, I’m not sure why I’m so passionate about that movie, I guess I must have some giant soft spot for Jamaicans maaaan. So if that bobsled ever crashed into my kitchen, I’d make them this salmon dish. It’s a loveable winner too.

Bacon Turbot + Beet Aioli | http://mytartare.com/bacon-turbot-beet-aioli/

Bacon Turbot + Beet Aioli

Bacon Turbot + Beet Aioli | What is flat and has two eyes on the left side of its head? I’ll give you a hint – it begins with a “T”. If you’re a genius then you may have guessed it. That’s right, it’s a Turbot! An ugly, shallow water fish that won the Most Likely to Never Kiss a Girl award in high school. But like most high school blossoming buds, this little fishy got its revenge later in life by offering the world something brilliant. In this case – flavor. Make a turbot and you’ll never make fun of it again.

Crispy Chicken Marsala + Creamed Spinach | http://mytartare.com/crispy-chicken-marsala-creamed-spinach/

Crispy Chicken Marsala + Creamed Spinach

Crispy Chicken Marsala + Creamed Spinach | Practically all the chicken marsala recipes you’ll find will tell you to flour skinless chicken breasts and smother them in a cream sauce. So guess what? We don’t do that. There is more flavor to be found elsewhere on our friend the chicken – particularly the thigh. The best part is, if you leave the skin on there is no need for any extra flour to help you get it crispy. And when it comes to the cream, rather than drowning our bird in it, we compliment the dish with a side of creamed spinach. This is a tasty twist on a classic…that you never know, might just become the new norm for chicken marsala.

Acini Di Pepe in Chipotle Cream | http://mytartare.com/acini-di-pepe-in-adobo-cream/

Acini Di Pepe in Adobo Cream

Acini Di Pepe in Adobo Cream | If you ever find yourself crashing weddings in the Italian countryside, you may stumble upon this little pasta – the acini di pepe. It is usually found in wedding soups since it’s so tiny and delicious. In fact, it’s such a popular pasta it also makes an appearance in Middle Eastern cuisine! But we wanted an American version – a version that knocked the pants off our flavor buds and made us the leader of the pasta free world. This is it.