Guajillo Peanut Sauce |

Guajillo Peanut Sauce

Guajillo Peanut Sauce | One day Bruin was feeling REALLY creative. He wanted to make something special. After all, he wanted us to live up to our slogan – “Raw Creativity from the Chocolate Lab”. So he climbed up onto the shelves, pulled down some peanuts, dried peppers and spices, and made a masterpiece. The Mona Lisa of sauces that is smart, sapid and stupid good.

Kindergarten Cop Panini |

Kindergarten Cop Panini

Kindergarten Cop Panini | This is a dish for the kiddos. It’s a simple grilled sandwich, with a touch of sweetness and mixed with a smudge of technique. If you’ve ever wanted to look across the table to see little smiling faces gobbling up crispy bread and perfectly melted cheese, then you’re in the right place…

Jamaican Chicken Tenders

Jamaican Chicken Tenders

Jamaican Chicken Tenders | This is not a joke. When I was a kid growing up in the mean suburbs of Massachusetts, I used to eat so many Tyson chicken tenders that I actually wrote the company to thank them. Seriously, what kind of weird kid was I? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I never missed a beat so I know my tenders. But as I grew up, I wanted to make an adult version that wowed a crowd and REALLY reinvented the classic tender. This recipe is it – and to celebrate we added a little international flare, fried cheese and ultimately put four recipes into one! It’s tenders gone wild. You better be hungry.

Surf and Turf Ravioli |

Surf and Turf Ravioli

Surf and Turf Ravioli | When you think surf & turf, what comes to mind? I bet it’s some combination of steak and shrimp…or lobster. That’s great and all but let’s shake the tree a bit and see what twist we can conjure up. How about a recipe that’s more aligned with our pocket books and introduces everyone’s favorite ingredient – pasta. Or better yet, stuffed raviolis. This is one you won’t forget.  

Rutabaga Tarragon Puree |

Rutabaga Tarragon Puree

Rutabaga Tarragon Puree | If chefs were vigilante superheroes and dishes were our weapons, well then, I’d be slinging purees out of my sleeves to eliminate culinary crime. It is definitely my weapon of choice because it’s what we do! If you’re a reader of this blog then you already know that, but we keep pushing the limits, tweaking technique and ingredients, until our weapon is the sharpest it can possibly be. And let us just tell ya, this puree recipe could cut through diamonds…so watch out future Diamond villain. I’m coming for you.

Spaghetti Mac & Cheddar |

Spaghetti Mac & Cheddar

Spaghetti Mac & Cheddar | Do you like pasta? If you don’t, we don’t trust you. Just kidding.Well, not really. Pasta should be everyone’s favorite. It’s the best thing on the planet, so naturally we make a ton of it. We like to mix and match, add new spices, and even throw in different techniques…

Moppin' Sauce |

Moppin’ Sauce

Moppin’ Sauce | Just imagine for a second that each of the coolest Condiments on your fridge’s shelf, transformed into humans, started a musical group right there in your kitchen, walked out of your house, and went directly to perform the Super Bowl halftime show…and it was so good, they all simultaneously dropped the mike and then disappeared forever. Crazy right? That’s this sauce. They call themselves the “Moppins”.

Filet Whitney

Filet Whitney

Filet Whitney | I have a friend and her name is Whitney. She’s a girl. She likes steak so we went all out in honor of her obsession (of steak, not me) and put together a dish that you should make for your next date night. It’s the Beyonce of filet mignon. That’s all that needs to be said…

Crab Claw Tomato Bisque

Crab Claw Tomato Bisque

Crab Claw Tomato Bisque | Soup sounds boring. Heck, tomato bisque especially does. But put crab on top of it? Well, then the game changes. Big time. And if you make bisque like this, with layers of flavors and a little crunchy crouton, then you’ll be dancing the bisque dance for years to come.

Don’t miss the dance. Try this recipe as soon as you get your claws on it.

T-Bone Pork in Portobello Gravy |

T-Bone Pork in Portobello Gravy

T-Bone Pork in Portobello Gravy | Who doesn’t love themselves some pork?! There’s a reason why most hardcore chefs have the stinkin’ animal tattooed somewhere on their body. The pig may be ugly on the outside, but it tastes darn good on the inside. Now if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know our favorite cut has always been the tenderloin. The only problem with it though is that it can easily dry out on you when it hits the heat. So how do we solve this problem? Two ways actually. First we brine it to lock in all the moisture we can get. And second, is to leave the bone on, so we don’t leave our tenderloin to fend for itself. Oh yea, and it doesn’t hurt that we smother it in a cream, portobello gravy either.