No-Nona's Marinara Sauce

No-Nona’s Marinara Sauce

No-Nona’s Marinara Sauce | If you read this blog regularly, you know Bruin & I always get that one burning question – who is your Italian grandma that taught you how to cook?! Well, we don’t have one. We learned the hard way. In fact, if we did have one, we think she would be so proud of us she would let us win in double solitaire or make us a pasta quilt…

Red Ocean

Red Ocean

Red Ocean | We call this Red Ocean because it has two of our very favorite red buddies from the Gulf of Mexico – the Red Grouper and Royal Red Shrimp! So when you want some amazing, fresh grouper, maybe a shrimp or two, a goat cheese salad, and a compound butter to finish it off, then you’re…

Vivi's Queen Crab Dip

Vivi’s Queen Crab Dip

Vivi’s Queen Crab Dip | So I got this friend named Pat in Chicago, who is a masterchef. He’d never admit it but he really is that good. But my favorite recipe that I stole from Pat, turns out to not be his at all. But rather his mom’s! She serves this dip at dinner party’s, and let me tell you, it’s bleapin’ ridiculous. Ridiculously good.

So to thank Pat for naively revealing his family secrets, we are naming this dip after his new baby girl, Vivi. It’s the very least we could do. Thanks bud.

Veal Buttermilk Enchiladas

Veal Buttermilk Enchiladas

Veal Buttermilk Enchiladas | These are our fusion French enchiladas. Eat and enjoy. Veal Buttermilk Enchiladas   Print Prep Time 20 mins Cook Time 5 hours 35 mins Total Time 5 hours 55 mins   * This recipe has 3 parts: the Pickled Jalapenos, Buttermilk Bean Sauce and Enchiladas. * You can make the jalapenos…

Ribeye Asparagus Chili

Ribeye Asparagus Chili | We’ve lived all over the South, so we’ve met a lot of people who think they know chili. Well, they would never put these ingredients together – vermouth, asparagus & vegetable base – kinda fancy, but this type of fancy is just what chili was missing it’s entire life. This one is…

Southern Sockeye

Southern Sockeye

Southern Sockeye | Let me tell you a story. There was once a beautiful sockeye salmon – bright red and delicious. She got all dolled up in a honey, dijon & chipotle glaze then went to a party where she met an adobo crema, mango salsa, roasted corn sauce and a Mexican wild rice. You wanna know where that party was? Bruin’s kitchen.

Now let’s get into the juicy details…

Crispy Roquefort Mac & Cheese

Crispy Roquefort Mac & Cheese

Crispy Roquefort Mac & Cheese | Want to know what makes the 4th of July even better? Believe it or not, besides overly-patriotic Toby Keith songs and chest bumping a beer-toting stranger, there is a way. And it comes in the form of elbow macaroni and cheese.

Keeping with the Independence spirit, we decided to once again accept a helping hand from the French (they actually bailed us out during the revolution), and smother our noodles in their Roquefort blue cheese before we tossed it all with good ole’ US of A crispy chicken thighs.

This is a special one. Perfect for the family. Perfect for celebrating America (and your chocolate labrador).

New Year's Tartar Sauce

New Year’s Tartar Sauce

Recipe name | There is a secret ingredient the lies beneath the smooth, white surface of our tartar sauce. It comes from the heart. The heart of a palm tree. Serve this sauce with your favorite fish or just lap it up the next time you pass by the fridge. It’s a summertime slam dunk. New…