Champagne Chicken Teriyaki |

Champagne Chicken Teriyaki

Champagne Chicken Teriyaki | Oh, the infamous Teriyaki (or how we say it, TERIAHHHKEEEE, as we karate chop the air). A staple in the Asian food courts. It needs no introduction. We’ve all met it. But surprisingly not many people know what’s in it. Are you ready for the super complex formula? Soy sauce + booze + sugar. Tough right? Sake usually fills the booze role, but since we don’t want you getting bombed and Ubering it to your kid’s soccer game, we replaced it with mirin, a gentler cooking wine…wait a minute, I take that back. We also add champagne and marsala, so I guess get Uber on speed dial after all. Heck while we’re at it, why not throw in our other favorite ingredients from the East side – gochujang and hoisin. This is the Panda Express to flavor city.